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One hundred years of LIS training!

Facultat de Biblioteconomia I Documentació de la Universitat de BarcelonaHello!

There are not many LIS educational centres that can say that they have 100 years of history. A century training the librarians of the future is not an easy matter in a profession so exposed to social, economic and technological challenges. This is the reason I am very pleased to communicate the celebration of the century of the Facultat de Biblioteconomia I Documentació (School of Library and Information Science) de la Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.
The School was founded in 1915 and is the second oldest LIS School in Europe and currently the oldest integrated into a University. The aim of the School, initially only for women, was to educate the librarians responsible for the public library network planned by the Catalan government and built from 1918 onwards, inspired by the British and North American library systems.

Two of the main activities will be the exhibition BiblioTec: a century of studies and library profession, 1915-2015 and the III International Seminar on LIS Education and Research (LIS-ER). The exhibition wants to make to know the evolution of the School during hundreds years and the transformation of librarians. On the other hand, the Seminar hopes to bring together representatives from leading European LIS schools to discuss together the challenges faced by our field and to take a major step forward in our shared analysis and in our strategic planning. It will be held in Barcelona, 4-5 June 2015. We hope to see you in the Seminar!

Enjoy it!

Andreu Sulé

University of Barcelona

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