The Centre of Research in Information, Communication and Culture (CRICC) of the University of Barcelona (UB) is a research centre attached to the UB Faculty of Information and Audiovisual Media, which was created in 2017 to bring together the Faculty’s ongoing research activities in the areas of information and documentation, document heritage, cultural studies and audiovisual communication.

The CRICC is the result of convergence between the OBLL and the Faculty’s consolidated research groups that existed when the centre was created: BIBES. Libraries, Education and Society; I-Viu: Group for Metric Studies on the Value and Use of Information; and Culture and Digital Contents: Documentary, Political and Economic Aspects.

CRICC objectives are:

a) Consolidate and increase the research activity of CRICC members in joint research areas from an interdisciplinary perspective.

b) Coordinate the activities of research groups in the Faculty and establish synergies between them.

c) Promote the internationalisation of research in the areas of specialisation of the CRICC.

d) Facilitate the presentation of joint projects in state and European calls for applications.

e) Increase the visibility and dissemination of research in the area of documentation, information, communication and culture.

f) Strengthen the scientific training of young researchers.


 The Introductory leaflet of the CRICC is available at: