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Libraries, Books and Reading Yearbook

The Anuari de Biblioteques, Llibres i Lectura (Libraries, Books and Reading Yearbook) is a publication that began in the 2009-2010 academic year with the aim of collecting the status of the issue and the balance of actions in terms of research, creation and dissemination. around these three areas in Catalonia.

The Anuari is published biennially with articles that appear throughout the year, in an open issue “being published”, so that the different works are published periodically until the current issue is completed.


Current issue >

Advisory Committee


Júlia Baena (bibliotecària escolar, INS Menéndez y Pelayo)

Mònica Baró (Universitat de Barcelona)

Jeroni Boixareu (bookstore Hispano Americana)

Marta Cava (school librarian, INS Premià de Mar)

Enric Faura (Director of Xarxa de Llibres)

Javier Guallar (Universitat de Barcelona)

Ciro Llueca (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

Gemma Morlans (Biblioteca Pública de Lleida)

Imma Muxella ((Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Anna Villarroya (Universitat de Barcelona)

Lluís Agustí, Facultat d’Informació i Mitjans Audiovisuals (Universitat de Barcelona)

Maite Comalat, Facultat de Facultat d’Informació i Mitjans Audiovisuals (Universitat de Barcelona)

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