1 Libraries: users, services and resources
Coordination: Carina Rey
Lluís Agustí, Silvia Argudo, Núria Balagué, Mònica Baró, Maite Comalat, Teresa Mañà, Andreu Sulé, Aurora Vall

  • Analysis of management techniques in libraries and library services.
  • Studies of creation and implementation of library services.
  • Creation of tools, materials and resources for library management.
  • Quantitative, qualitative and impact studies of library services.
  • Library profession studies.
  • Studies of reading promotion in libraries.
  • Analysis of user training in libraries.

2 Bibliographic and cultural heritage
Coordination: Pedro Rueda
Members: Lluís Agustí, Mònica Baró, Jesús Gascón, Carina Rey

  • Knowledge of exchange, distribution and buying and selling activities in the book world.
  • Study of book agents: booksellers-publishers, printers, editors, retailers, etc.
  • Analysis of networks of booksellers-publishers and the publishing world.
  • Research on the dissemination of books in exchange networks.
  • Analysis of the role of booksellers in the creation and breaking up of collections.

3 Open science and scientific communication
Coordination: Ernest Abadal
Members: Juan-José Boté, Núria Ferran, Javier Guallar, Ignasi Labastida, Josep Manuel Rodríguez Gairín, Anna Villarroya

  • Analysis of the open science model and its components (open access, open research data, open peer review, new metrics and research assessment models, etc.).
  • Analysis of elements that foster or hinder implementation of the open science model.
  • Analysis of implementation of the open science model in the Spanish research system.

4 Digital preservation
Coordination: Miquel Térmens
Members: Jordi Andreu, Juan-José Boté, Jordi Serra

  • Analysis of the state of digital preservation policies in Catalonia and Spain.
  • Preparation of methodologies and techniques that make possible to preserve research data (considering the obligations of the Horizon 2020 programme and others).
  • Preparation of methodologies for assessing the state of digital preservation in companies and institutions in different sectors.

5 Knowledge organization and information retrieval
Coordination: Andreu Sulé
Members: Rubén Alcaraz, Jordi Andreu, Juan-José Boté, Miquel Centelles, Jorge Franganillo, Javier Guallar, Mario Pérez-Montoro, Josep Manuel Rodríguez Gairín, Marina Salse, Gema Santos, Mari Vállez

  • Knowledge and analysis of the current state of play of the organization and retrieval of information in their various processes, environments, morphologies, formats and channels.
  • Proposal and assessment of new methodological and technical solutions for the organization and retrieval of information that complement or improve the weaknesses/limitations of existing solutions.

6 Metric studies on the value and use of information
Coordination: Ángel Borrego
Members: Jordi Ardanuy, Amadeu Pons, Josep Manuel Rodríguez Gairín, Marta Somoza, Cristóbal Urbano

  • Undertaking of quantitative and qualitative studies on the use and users of books, journals, websites and other information resources.
  • Analysis of scientific journals via the MIAR database.
  • Undertaking of bibliometric studies on the output, authorship, collaboration, use and impact of scientific literature.

7 Policies and economics of information and culture
Coordination: Anna Villarroya
Members: Lluís Bonet, Marta Casals, Ramon Castells, Tino Carreño, Manel González Piñero

  • Analysis of changes in the conceptualisation and measure of cultural participation.
  • Analysis of gender in the distribution of professional responsibilities in cultural institutions and professions.
  • Analysis of changes in the design of local cultural policies.
  • Study of the business models of scientific journals.

8 Audiovisual communication
Coordination: Lydia Sánchez
Members: Margarida Carnicé, Mari Ángeles García, María José Masanet, Javier Sanz, Sergio Villanueva 

  • Media and democratic quality: establishment of indicators of the quality of public media service in democratic societies.
  • Media, politics and culture: analysis of the interaction between media, political discourses and cultural practices.
  • Communication and health: study of communication processes and their relationship with health as a source of innovation in clinical practice.
  • Cinema and film language: analysis of cinematic language in its various forms of expression.