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General description

Definition and content

Temaria portal indexes articles from Spanish journals on Library and Information Science that can be accessed online, and helps searching its content through Dublin Core (DC) metadata element set. It currently includes 4186 articles published in the following journals: Anales de documentación, BiD, Cuadernos de documentación audiovisual, Cuadernos de documentación multimedia, Cuadernos EUBD Complutense, Documentación de las ciencias de la información, Hipertext.net, Item, Revista general de información y documentación; the remaining titles available in Spain will be added in the future.

The articles indexed in the portal are mostly written in Spanish and Catalan, but there are also some written in English.

Documentary aspects

Searching journal articles is carried out through the DC element set, following the specifications provided in the portal style guide.

[For more on its development and application, see http://temaria.net/estivill2005es.pdf]

Subject access is carried out through the Thesaurus on Library and Information Science, a Spanish documentary language developed by CINDOC that includes the appropriate equivalences in English and French. Within the framework of this project, Catalan equivalences have been added, and a set of thematic entries has been developed for other disciplines and for place, personal and entity names.

[For more on its development and application, see http://temaria.net/gascon2005.pps]


On one hand, the user interface is multilingual (Catalan, Spanish and English), and allows to express queries in many ways: simple, combined and through the thesaurus in any of the languages in which it is presented.

On the other, it also allows articles to be accessed multilingually by subject.

[For more on multilingual access, see https://fbd.ub.edu/isko2005/abadal.pdf]

Technological aspects

The computer application has been developed using the PHP programming language, and MySQL has been used as the database management system.

You can subscribe to the portal content by means of RSS syndication technology to get updated on the latest issue of any journal, on the latest articles by any author, or on a specific subject.

[For more on content syndication, see http://temaria.net/gairin2006.pdf.]

Organizational aspects

Temaria is a creation of the Digital Content Organization and Retrieval consolidated research group. This project has been possible by grants from Barcelona University and the Plan Nacional de I+D+I.

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