Google Glass

By sule | Fri, 10/31/2014 - 17:51

Google Glass: it truly seemed like a good idea at the time…Hello,

In a post published 10th October 2014, I mentioned an article about smartwatches and user interfaces design as a way to show the importance of new technologies on retrieval information.

Well, today I would like to speak about another cutting-edge technology called to change our lives: Google Glass. As you know, Google Glass is an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) device that has the capability of reflecting projected images as well as allowing the user to see through it that is augmented reality. Google Glass is a Google’s develop launched at 2013.

But, it is true Google Glass will change our lives? In opinion of Enrique Dans, professor at IE Business School, its limited sales success show this change will not will happen. In his post Google Glass: it truly seemed like a good idea at the time…, Enrique Dans explains his experience with this device: “uncomfortable, with an impractical interface that constantly required pressing your finger against your temple, that froze on several occasions when trying to carry out the simplest tasks, had a ridiculously short battery life, that you ended up using relatively rarely, and that for some tasks, such as driving, was not only a distraction, but potentially dangerous, even when compared to using a smartphone’s GPS” and very expensive.

Interesting, isn't? If you wish to know more about a real Google Glass experience I recommend you te read this post.

Enjoy it!

Andreu Sulé
University of Barcelona