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By sule | Mon, 06/29/2015 - 18:24, la millora de la visualització dels resultats en els cercadors i molt mésHello,

Excuse my self-promotion, but today I would like to communicate the publication of my last article, la millora de la visualització dels resultats en els cercadors i molt més (currently it is only in Catalan, but in few weeks it will be published in Spanish and English also).

The main goal of the paper is to explain to LIS students and professionals who have not heard about it yet. The article describes the main characteristics of, the vocabulary developed in 2011 by Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex to mark up webpage content and thus make data recognizable and understandable to search engines. In this way, it can be improved the information about a webpage that is displayed in a search engine’s results.

The paper also explains the main principles of the structure of (classes, properties, values, etc.) and the coding formats that it accepts. In addition, it explains how to mark up webpage content with, and describe who uses, maintains and develops this vocabulary today.

Finally, the article briefly assesses the advantages of using, as well as the potential applications of this vocabulary in the improvement of searches and search engine results (greater accuracy, more functionalities, etc.); the development of web semantics; and the area of website ranking (search engine optimization, SEO).

I hope you enjoy it!

Andreu Sulé

University of Barcelona