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A developer's guide to the semantic web

Liyang Yu’s book A developer's guide to the semantic webHello,

There are many excellent books explain Semantic web from a theoretical point of view, but no so many afford this subject in a practical way, and even less that do it in a clear and educational way. This is the case of Liyang Yu’s book A developer's guide to the semantic web (Springer, 2011). As the author explains in the preface, “From this book, you will not only obtain a solid understanding about the Semantic Web but also learn how to combine all the pieces together to build new applications on the Semantic Web”.

And is this How-To-Do-It approach that makes Liyang Yu’s book a leading resource for those who wish to be initiated in real Semantic Web development work. Specifically chapters 12 to 15 are referred to fundamentals of development on the Semantic Web, Jena (a free and open source Java framework for building Semantic Web and Linked Data applications), and two Semantic Web developments samples.

Enjoy it!

Andreu Sulé

University of Barcelona