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How to find content of apps with Google Search

By sule | Wed, 11/25/2015 - 17:05

Google SearchHello,

It is well known that since two years Google is indexing the content of apps, and therefore, when someone does a search from a mobile device gets results whether they’re in an app and on the web. Google states to have over 100 billion deep links into apps in its index.

But this service had two limitations: first of all, Google Search results only showed the content of apps that have their equivalent in the web; secondlyeach user was just able to find content of apps installed on their smartphone.

"Stream" button

Henceforth, Google Search improves its service and every time users search through this app, or directly in Chrome and Android browsers, will find content that lives only in apps and even from apps they don’t have installed yet! This last service is got by clicking on the "Stream" button. For example, if among results there is the content of the app of a hotel, by clicking on "Stream" button the user can view a streamed version of the app, and even use their services (for example, booking a room).

In this first beta service, Google is providing only the content of the apps from a small group of partners: Hotel Tonight, Chimani Rocky Mountain, Daily Horoscope and New York MTA Subway Map.

Enjoy it!

Andreu Sulé

University of Barcelona